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Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is both an appealing and quite effective method for both marketing and advertising a website in order to reach your target audience.• Social Media Optimization In the earlier days SEO was all about optimizing the various pages of a site. However today with the advent of Web 2.0 things have changed dramatically. The very structure of sites has changed and social media sites seem to be the norm these days. That is one reason why social media optimization is a whole new form of optimization these days. ogle is considered to be the most productive of all search engines, as it is a major source for referrals, and the center target for nearly every single search engine marketing campaign. Other popular search engines include Yahoo, Lycos, MSN, AltaVista and AOL. Search engine marketing involves applying calculated methodology Read More


Search Engine Optimization

 Most of the business houses big or small have got an answer to the question why social media optimization is required for your business. They know that it is the best way to pull more and more traffic towards their website. Not only this, it is a way to help your business with many things in the long run. A few of the many things are discussed below in short.Read More 


Online Reputation Management

Why is online reputation management important for your company? Better optimization from the start is the best when it comes to tackle your worries related to your company’s tarnishing reputation in various blogs, sites, forums, social networking sites etc. It could have a million dollar effect on the brand that you built through your works, over the year. And also about the resources you had raked in.• Online PR
So you have started your internet business, have you built your online business plan. Like any business, working online is no different, your online business will eventually fail if it doesn’t have a focus, a direction, indeed a plan! Read More


Online PR



Your online reputation matters! Get the No.1 Web agency and SEO/Social Media Company in Mumbai to manage your brands/company’s online marketing, online PR! 

Your online PR plan doesn’t need to be complicated, in fact the opposite is true the simpler the better, which you can easily follow and are thus easy to implement and change as your business development. To start with your plan write out the bullet points for your plan, these should include:Read More