Online PR

So you have started your internet business, have you built your online PR  plan. Like any business, working online is no different, your online PR will eventually fail if it doesn’t have a focus, a direction, indeed a plan!

What does an effective online PR  plan look like?

Your online PR  plan doesn’t need to be complicated, in fact the opposite is true the simpler the better, which you can easily follow and are thus easy to implement and change as your business develops. To start with your plan write out the bullet points for your plan, these should include:

• What are your goals, what do want to achieve YOUR WHY?
• How are you going to Brand yourself, websites, blog, fan pages etc
• What are your strategies, social media, blogging, article marketing PPC solo ads?
• Set your targets, generate 30 leads a day after three months
• Set timescales, these are not set in stone but a guide to give you something to aim for you adjust these as your business grows.

Good business plans are the ones that let you manage your business systematically. Discuss the plan with your mentor, they have been here before. Having a set of clever strategies right from the start will increase your chances of success.

We would recommend setting up a blog, and drive traffic to it using

social media,

article marketing,

video marketing,

which will start to build your Brand. You will need to have opt in forms and capture pages to allow people to opt in to your list. Make one of your goals to provide good Value content in all your do, and don’t just pitch your product, opportunity. Carry out your keyword research with care, plan your blogs to ensure to get the best rating you can from the search engines which in turn will ensure your ranking for your websites will continue to drop. The lower you can get your search engine ranking the more people will find your websites, leading to another source of lead generation.

The hardest part about sticking to an internet marketing plan is that you have to wait for the results to build up, but they DO and can start to really explode if you just keep going with your daily plan.

Finally you will need to develop your daily tasks, internet marketing is all about consistency, if people see your posts, articles, on a daily basis this will build up trust and a regular following.