Online Reputation Management

Why is online reputation management important for your company? Better optimization from the start is the best when it comes to tackle your worries related to your company’s tarnishing reputation in various blogs, sites, forums, social networking sites etc. It could have a million dollar effect on the brand that you built through your works, over the year. And also about the resources you had raked in.You certainly wouldn’t like to get googlebombed with “Miserable failure” or get trapped in a “Dell Hell”. These are two of the most prominent examples of how your brand can be vulnerable to negative commentary works in various platforms as mentioned above.

‘Miserable failure’ , was the keyword which would lead you to the white house’s official website, implicating Bush’s government failures over the years and people’s anguish for the same. It went on to tarnish the official website of the US government’s most important establishment, ‘the white house’. And ‘Dell Hell’, was yet another public forum that got immensely popular and had significant negative affects on people’s perception about the Dell’s product(laptop, desktop etc). This forum was initiated by a Dell customer who felt he was cheated. But, truth is, we don’t know who’s handiwork is that.

Same could be true about your company’s reputation. People could be talking about your company’s brand, services/products, or your policies, key executives and many other possibilities. A new website or forum could be launched with words such as “sucks” and other offensive language, prefixed or suffixed to your company’s name. You never know!

The colossal effect is, you could see all your efforts put in over the years to build a brand brilliance, into the drain. To counter such kind of malicious activities, company’s can go for Online Reputation Management.

When should you go for ORM?

You might need this service when:

1.You become apprehensive about people’s or your competitors intentions to distract you.

2. You can also use this service as a reactive optimization measure to counter such activities.

3. You can also use this to self evaluate your company’s reputation in Online world.

What comprises an effective Online Reputation Management?

ORM is ultimately about materializing your brand; safeguarding it from malicious attacks. There are several companies who offers online reputation management services. The basis of the service is same for everyone. The ORM normally comprises these 4 major sections as laid below:

Monitoring : This is about monitoring the activities inside the web world, forums, social networking sites, etc, that has got something to do with your company’s name. The popular platforms for such monitoring processes consists of Google alerts, yahoo alerts, Rss feed subscriptions, search results, social media tags such as tagfetch, keotag etc, to various social networking sites such as feedster, facebook, orkut etc.

Analyzing: All the data gathered from various monitoring platforms are then scrutinized to check if they can have any negative effects on your company’s reputation.

Materializing: materializing is all about making your company’s brand materialize over the people’s perception, always in a positive sense.

Control : This is the last part of the ORM, and this lets you have control over those events. After that, you decide which events are good and which are not. You’re finally in the control of things which can promote you or demote.